Midnight Bliss & Shock Pack #4 release finally! And...

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Midnight Bliss & Shock Pack #4 release finally! And... Empty Midnight Bliss & Shock Pack #4 release finally! And...

Post  Xenomic on Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:19 pm

After god knows how long of not releasing anything (about a year or so? I don't know anymore), this new pack is now released!

In this pack:


Cirno (done by Kinto2006) by Fruele
Dizzy (original stand and grabbed sprite done by ????) for EL
Dizzy (original stand and grabbed sprite done by Pyomega) for Muteki
Sky79 Midnight Blisses


Akyu no Hieda (done by Aionos) by neneco
Arina (done by Tekkanon) by NHK
Athena Asamiya 2k3 (done by Navets) by ActJapan
Cirno (done by Aionos) by frule
Daiyousei (done by Aionos) by Arima
Felicia (done by Jesuszilla) by Jesuszilla
Ingrid (done by Felo_Llop) by Warusaki
Kisarah Westfield (done by Navets) by Fervicante
Koakuma (done by Aionos) by Som
Kula Diamond (done by Navets) by CCIronmugen
Kunagi (done by Tekkanon) by Kayui Uma
Maki Genryusai (done by Felo_Llop) by H
Mina Majikina (done by Xenomic) by PriPri Man
Nakoruru (done by Tekkanon) by Phantom of the Server (new sprites added for 9010)
Psylocke (done by Aionos) by Shinta
Reimu Hakurei (done by Jync) by Kurogane
Remilia Scarlet (done by Aionos) by Kohaku
Tifa Lockhart (done by Tekkanon) by YAMAKACHI
Utsuho Reiuji (done by Aionos) by Kohaku
Yoko Ritona (done by Aionos) by Warusaki3
Yuri Sakazkai (done by Aionos) by Phantom of the Server)

In addition to this, I am also re-releasing all of my older patches together! Now...whether or not they ALL work with whom they're intended for...is a different story, so if you apply this patches, make sure to backup your character just in case. I know that Millia's Shock is buggy, and I don't know why yet either....

If you require screenshots, I can post them here.

Pack here: megaupload.com JHG4Q5FS
Link to Full Pack: megaupload.com SA8NWI6D
Link to site where patches can be found: http://xenomic.freehostia.com/


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